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The World Festival Forum

Project Concept Summary

Project details

Our goal is to merge global commitment and communication with dialogue and experience in a variety of ways. The core of this work is DESD (final evaluation), which will be held in Japan in 2014. We’ll work with a network of citizens and organizations to achieve this goal, including: international organizations, federal and local governments, educational organizations, NGOs, NPOs, and business organizations. With this network, we will gain the knowledge we need to accelerate the expansion of ESD. We believe that this work will initiate a new creative energy and global focus in Japan.

Our view of the Forum

(1) Comprehensive overview of global accomplishments and knowledge gathered in one place

With the UN as the leading organization, we will share DESD’s accomplishments from 2005 to 2014 with the global audience. It’s a great opportunity for people in this area to form alliances, learn, and take action.

(2) Diverse stakeholders meet and learn from each other

Expo 2005, which was the DESD kickoff event, was very successful in promoting communication with citizens. Rather than the initiatives of government and educational institutions taking precedence, citizens and social organizations were heard on a level playing field.

(3) Accelerate Japan’s ESD initiative and make deeper contributions globally

ESD means ‘to empower people to support a sustainable society. It is critically important for Japan to empower its citizens to contribute to these global efforts, above and beyond our cutting edge experimental technology. This project is the best opportunity for Japan to participate in the ESD initiative.

Project structure

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