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About Joining the DESD World Festival Forum

Please register to help support our goal: to hold a DESD World Festival (tentative title) in Japan.

There are two membership options:
Official Membership, which requires an annual fee.
Web Membership, which is free.

Official Membership Options

  • - We offer three types of official membership: Individual, Business and Student membership.
  • - The membership term is from April 1st to March 31st each year. We will send you an extension announcement before the term expires.
  • - Membership fees are: Individual membership for \3,000; Business membership for \100,000; and Student membership for \1,000.
  • - Official Membership benefits are;
    • DESD World Festival Forum plans workshops approximately three times per year, and Official Members can attend for free. Our Members-only mailing list gives you access to members in a wide variety of fields.
    • DESD World Festival Forum works with other organizations to create events and workshops that Official Members may be able to attend. (optional).
  • - You can pay your membership fee to the following bank account in Japan. Please include the bank transfer cost.
    Bank name Mizuho Bank
    Branch name Kamiyacho branch (146)
    Account type Ordinary saving account
    Account number 1186838
    Account holder's name "ESD no 10-nen / Sekai no saiten" Promotional Forum
  • - To apply for membership:
    • Click "Membership Registration".
    • Choose "Business", "Individual", or "Student" from the membership options.
    • Fill out the required information and complete the process.
    • *If your business is registered, please submit the name and position of the company’s business representative.

Web Account

  • - No registration fee is required.
  • - You’ll need to create an account on the DESD World Festival Forum website. You can communicate with people in different fields and gather information through the membership-only mailing list. We also provide events and workshops for members.
  • -To set up your account:
    • Click "Membership Registration".
    • Choose "web account only" from the membership options.
    • Fill out the required information and complete the process.
    • *Official members receive their web account automatically and do not have to set up a web account separately.


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