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Upcoming Projects

Information on upcoming projects promoted by the forum

Global Citizen’s Conference on DESD 2010

Date:September 10, 2010
Place:Rikkyo University
Based on the declaration of Global Citizen’s Conference 2009, we will develop ESD activities in Japan as a “spreading”, “connecting”, “visible” project and make this movement into a place for “dialogue” and “interaction” to expand the Asian network. We will focus on outstanding ESD practices that are spreading within the activities of educational community, local community, companies, and NPOs, to learn about strategy, structure and promotion of model projects and programs.
Click here for information on Global Citizen’s Conference on DESD 2010

Eco-Products 2010

Date:December 9-11, 2010
Place:Tokyo Big Sight (Ariake, Tokyo)
A booth will be set up to show activities and achievements of ESD and our conference. Also a company session is planned with the concept of corporations working on ESD (session of ESD with CSR).

Commercialization Workshop

Date:Three days planned during October 2010 to March 2011

For active participation of citizens in the DESD World Festival, various entities will form networks and aim to build specific action plans and business plans.
Workshop 1: Consideration on the ideal function of World Festival
Workshop 2: Consideration on framing the basic plan level and approaching various fields
Workshop 3: Final presentation on the execution plan level

Image of 2010 Activity Plan

Organizing Global Citizen’s Conference on DESD 2010
Global Citizen’s Conference organized to create a place for expressing opinion and networking.

Results recorded on newspaper “The Nikkei”
The results to be recorded on The Nikkei and publicized to the general public.

Organizing Commercialization Workshop
Commercialization Workshop organized to create the momentum by industry-academic citizens and have the government and UN involved with commercialization to aim for the framing of practical action plan.

Organizing company session in Eco-Products 2010
With these results, we will participate in the largest domestic environmental event “Eco-Products”.

Reports on the website
Using our website, we will continue to provide information to our members and report the forum activities to the general public.


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